Inverleith society committee meeting 3rd December 2019, The Orchard


Apologies: Ian H
Attending: Ian J (Chair) Marion B, Barbara A, Rona C, Adrian C

Minutes of committee meeting 3/9 and AGM 17/9 approved

Matters arising

  • It was noted that Rona was re-elected as the representative of the society to Stockbridge and Inverleith Community Council.
  • Bank account has yet to be signed over to current office holders : ACTION IJ and BA
  • Website: As previously noted the current website isn’t secure and is very difficult to update, such that this hasn’t been managed for the past 18 months . After some discussion regarding security requirements for the new website, it was agreed to proceed with redevelopment by Simon Clew (total cost £837.94). AC to ask SC to advise of next steps. Content for website to be provided by committee members. It was agreed that a number of committee members would need to be familiar with uploading content etc.
  • Survey of membership re website/newsletter, it was agreed that this was best deferred until the society has a functional website , probably late Spring 2020.
  • Membership : one new member Planning issues
    • 34 Inverleith Terrace: Nothing has been heard from Historic Scotland since Ian H wrote to them regarding spot listing. No further action planned
    • Raeburn place “wall” – discussed at length, wall adds nothing to current stadium development , allows for only single point of access which would create a cul-de-sac with clear safety issues. Wording of objection to be circulated by Ian J
    • Gun-ho- Inverleith Park – May 2020- few details known regarding extent of plans and usage of the park. It was not clear if use of the park by other users would be prevented. Dates for 2020 Committee meetings: Tuesday 17th March Tuesday 2nd June Tuesday 1st September Tuesday 1st December AOB – Nil AGM : Tuesday 16th June
      Winter social at The Orchard : Thursday 6th February