This is an application for addition of skylights and dormers into the front and rear roof slopes of the two storey building to the South of the block containing Napier Bathrooms showroom.

The Society’s objection noted that Canonmills retains a diversity of building types and forms including surviving examples of older vernacular and commercial buildings like No28 Canonmills. This gives it a distinctive character and sense of place which provides a counterpoint to the greater uniformity of the building forms in the adjoining areas.

The purpose of the alterations appears to be to increase the useable floor space to an extent which we consider is unsympathetic to the character of the building and the locality. In particular, the insertion of modern dormer and skylight windows into the roof slopes is not compatible with the character of the building and would be detrimental to the visual appearance of the front and rear elevations. The alterations would therefore have a significant negative impact on the special qualities of this part of the Conservation Area.

Canonmills Bridge Development
Friday, 01 July 2016 Planning Cases 1047 Hits
Efforts are continuing to prevent the deeply unpopular development scheme at Canonmills Bridge from taking place.

The Society is continuing to work with the local campaign group Save 1-6 Canonmills Bridge. We have recently been in contact with all the local councillors in the three wards most directly affected by the proposals – Leith Walk; City Centre and Inverleith – to ask them to support action which would have the effect of nullifying the planning permission for the scheme.

The City Council granted planning permission in May 2013 for a re-development scheme to construct 6 flats, 3 townhouses and 2 restaurants on the site currently occupied by “Earthy”’ One of the conditions of the planning permission was that the development must commence within three years. We consider that the developer has not met this condition or other conditions attached to the permission. We have therefore asked local councillors to support action by the Council to declare the planning permission null and void and to require the developer to make a fresh application before proceeding with any works on the site.

We will report further developments on the case on the website.