The Society has submitted an objection to a proposal for demolition of the existing house at 25 Kinnear Road and redevelopment of the site with construction of a block of 16 flats.

The Society objected on the grounds that the proposals would involve a significant over-development of the site with negative impacts on the open space character of its surroundings and on the amenity of adjoining properties.

The Southern edge of the proposed new building does not follow the building line of the adjoining modern blocks along this side of the road. The lower floors would project several metres beyond the established building line with the result that there would be a negative visual impact for the neighbouring properties.

Similarly the overall building height exceeds that of the neighbouring blocks. Although this would not be apparent from Kinnear Road it would produce visual discontinuity in the skyline when viewed from the South across New Field.

We also noted our concern that the applicant had not produced valid reasons to justify the demolition of the existing building.