Fettes College Estate Office adjacent to West Gate off Crewe Road

The Society objected to an application for this development proposed to be located in a small area of established woodland adjacent to the West Gate of the College grounds.

In our objection we noted that this area of woodland makes an important contribution to the landscape on the Western edge of the Conservation Area along Crewe Road. We also commented that while there are already several modern structures (albeit of very mixed design quality) on the College estate these are mainly clustered to the North of the main (East) gate whereas the Western side of the Fettes site, where this development would be located, has suffered much less from intrusive developments and therefore deserves greater protection.

The Society expressed concern that the development would result in the loss of several good quality trees and would potentially compromise some exceptional tree specimens from both a visual and an arboricultural perspective. The Society also expressed concern that the design and materials proposed for the new building would be significantly out of character with the Conservation Area and would detract from the College’s exceptionally important historic buildings – impinging on the axial view to the main building and creating a visual conflict with the lodge house at the West Gate. The design has the appearance of a temporary building rather than a fitting companion to these historic structures. The Council approved the application subject to a condition requiring detailed agreement about all works likely to affect trees on the site and a replacement tree planting scheme.